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            The Armory Project

Community Development Projects
We will expand the capacity of Census Tract 31 to meet its future needs, promote and foster relationships that encourage partnerships, and make the connection that permanent housing and/or community-based services is a central component of a healthy, viable community.

Over the next three years, with support from our local community, our Board and Staff have an ambitious agenda to propel us into the future. Current projects and descriptions can be found below. Additional information can be obtained by calling our office during normal business hours.

The Armory Project ~ MISSION: "Take Back"
Alverta Williams, founder of the Mary McLeod Bethune Center has started The Armory Project that is conducting "Mission: Take Back", an outreach program geared for the positive enrichment of the youth in our community. This much needed program will be headquartered in the recently acquired US Army Reserves Armory located at 140 Ashland Rd. Through this program, People of Wisdom will work with and mentor the Spark of Youth creating an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE of positive energy within our community. Volunteers, ideas, and financial support are all greatly appreciated. Click here to learn more about The Armory Project!

Carter Neighborhood Plaza
Property where funding is being sought for the development of the Carter Neighborhood Plaza. This project is an 11,000 square foot building that will fill a void for under-supplied business, consumer and social services.

The following is a very brief overview of the services that will be offered at The Carter Neighborhood Plaza:

  • Senior Citizens Center services
  • Utility Payment Center
  • The Plaza will include a commercially licensed FDA approved kitchen that will help small scale food service operators succeed by giving them affordable access to the kitchen. Spreading the cost over multiple users, entrepreneurs will benefit through significant cost savings and enhanced production efficiencies. Caterers, concession vendors, restaurant owners, specialty food producers, market owners and community groups may rent the facility for food preparation. Pantry space is also available for rent.
  • Partnerships are being developed with local individuals, educational institutions/colleges, churches and local agencies. The kitchen will be in operation 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The Plaza will create up to 25 jobs during the first year of operation.
  • Business Development Center that focuses on the food industry providing free business development assistance. Technical assistance will be coordinated by on-site staff and delivered through collaborative agreements with local business consultants (SBDC and SCORE), economic development professionals, colleges and universities, and health departments.
  • Banquet Hall with seating for 225 people.
  • Blue prints and contractors have been secured for this project.

  • BRAC Armory Redevelopment Project
    This government property will be awarded to MBIE and sits on 3.8 acres and is approximately 13,000 square feet. The property must be developed within 24 months after the final signing. This property will serve a specific population of age 55 and older who are homeless, low income, veterans and/or special needs individuals. The facility will have thirteen (13) 300 square foot units that will house up to twenty-six (26) individuals. The facility will include a residential lounge, community room with a commercial kitchen that will serve up to eighty (80) people, classrooms, laundry area, and office space for staff. There is room for expansion to the property for an additional sixteen (16) units or thirty-two (32) individuals. This facility will also be able to accommodate MBIE's transportation vehicles for housing and repairs.

    We need YOU to change the lives of this urban community. Together, we can make a difference in the city of Mansfield, one neighborhood at a time.





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